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With over 40 years of industry experience, commitment to service, reliability and innovation, ARI is a leading manufacturer and provider of solutions for the protection of liquid transmission systems worldwide. The company manufactures and markets a complete line of air valves and check valves for the following markets:

  • Water supply and wastewater disposal systems (urban and rural).
  • Industrial applications (desalination plants, mining and gas industries, hot water systems).
  • Agriculture and landscape.

ARI is firmly committed to quality and to protecting the environment and is ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certified.

ARI’s Application Engineering department provides software system analyses for surge and air valve sizing and placement. The ARIavCAD air valve sizing program is compatible with Autocad and can be downloaded from www.arivalves.com/design tools.

ARI also complies with standards and approvals worldwide.

ARI have been active in the South African water industry since its inception as a supplier of air valves in the irrigation industry since the early 80’s. The original plastic air valve has a unique “Rolling Seal” design which gives it a small orifice which is at least ten times bigger than most air valves in the world. This patented design is still used in the complete range of air valves supplied by ARI today and provides one of the unique technical benefits the ARI air valves have to offer.

Since 2000 ARI’s D060 HFNS three stage “NON SLAM” valves for potable water are designed for working pressures ranging from 0.2 bar up to 40 bar. The very low sealing pressure of 0.2 bar provides another unique technical benefit the ARI air valve has to offer and forms part of ARI’s very strict testing procedure. ARI makes use of a two component bronze and rubber seal. This patented design prevents distortion of the rubber and enable ARI to offer a 10 year guarantee against large orifice seal leakage. For an animation of how the D-060 HFNS works visit www.arivalves.com/library/animations.

The ARI D-070 dynamic air valve was first sold in South Africa in 2010. This new innovation from ARI operates without a float and utilizes a rolling diaphragm principle. This unique structure allows air discharge in a controlled and gradual manner, thus preventing slam and local up-surges. Case studies show a reduction of surge peak measurements at a ratio of 1 to 10 when using this valve. For an animation of how the D-070 works visit www.arivalves.com/library/animations.

A.R.I. has developed a unique range of sewage air valves which incorporates a mechanism that ensures a constant air gap to ensure no contact between the sewage and the sealing mechanism. This has solved one of the major problems with air valves on sewage, ie. Fouling up the orifice resulting in sewage leaking to atmosphere. This guaranteed trapment of a gas
pocket in the top of the air valve provides another unique technical benefit of A.R.I air valves.

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