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M-040 | Combination Air Valve


The M-040 Combination Air Valve combines an air & vacuum orifice with an automatic air release orifice in one single body. The combination air valve discharges air during the filling of the system and admits air during drainage and pump shutoff while releasing accumulated air from the system while the system is operating under pressure.The M-040 Combination Air Valve is designed to prevent problems caused by discontinuous or erratic water supply:

  • Erroneous water metering.
  • Damage to the spinning components of the water meter.
  • Vibrations and water hammer in the pipeline and water meter.

Product Features

  • M-040 combination air valve is designed to prevent problems caused by discontinuous or erratic water supply.
  • M-040 prevents the air from passing through the water meter by releasing accumulated air directly to the atmosphere.
  • Combines the features of both an air & vacuum valve and an air release valve.
  • Triple function:
    • Air & vacuum component discharges large volumes of air during filling of the system.
    • Air & vacuum component admits large volumes of air during drainage and at water column separation.
    • The air release component releases entrapped air in pressurized systems.
  • Innovative rolling seal mechanism.
  • Available in sizes: 1/2", 3/4" threaded male connections, NPT or BSPT.

Materials and Corrosion Protection

  • The body is made of high-strength composite materials.
  • All operating parts are made of specially selected, corrosion- resistant materials.
  • Spring-loaded check valve opens at 0.25 bar water pressure in the direction of the water meter.

Application Range

  • Working pressure range: 0.2-10 bar.
  • Maximum operating temperature: 60°C.
  • Maximum intermittent temperature: 90° C.
  • For a pressurized piping system, installed before the water meter.


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