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NR-010 | Check Valve with Removable Cover

PN 10


The NR-010 Check Valve is compatible for installation on horizontal and vertical pumps or boosters. The check valve allows for one-directional flow and prevents the return flow of the liquid to its source. It provides quiet closure and total sealing of the sealing face. The check valve is designed for free flow of water without interference and with minimal head loss.


  • After pumps/boosters
  • Filtration systems
  • Swimming pools (requires compatible seals)
  • Greenhouses

Main Features

  • Maximum working pressures: 10 bar.
  • Maximum working temperature: 60° C.
  • The valve body and disc are made from composite materials which are resistant to highly abrasive conditions and durable in environments using corrosive liquids such as sea water and brine.
  • The spring and sealing assembly mechanism is outside of the cross sectional flow and can be replaced without removing the valve from the pipeline.
  • Female threaded BSPT or NPT for easy and secure connection to the pipeline.
  • Removable cover allows for easy cleaning, maintenance, and seal replacement without removing the valve from the pipeline.

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